Break the Rules for Me, My Love

Break the Rules for Me, My Love

One of the aspects of my Govinda’s personality that I have always loved is that He is lovingly referred to as “crooked”. Not only is His stance lovingly tilted, with a gorgeous hip curving out to the great delight and joy of His devotees’ hearts, but just like His form, He is willing to bend the rules and tilt situations in order to save his dear ones. He is willing to turn situations in order to make our lives prosper. He is willing to alter the workings of the universe in our favor so that those who love Him and worship Him come out victorious. He has even promised throughout existence that His devotees will always emerge victorious.

That kind of promise from Love Himself can’t be taken lightly.

I am often floored by the very thought that someone so important could love someone like me quite so much. He is willing to position and re-position my life with my best interests in mind always. And I am ashamed to say that sometimes, even though I know that He is ultimately in control, and I know fully well that He absolutely knows what’s best for me, I find myself fighting His plans. I find myself panicking when times are tough. I find myself scrambling to try and stay in control of my surroundings even though I know that ultimately, I can hardly control the day to day functions of my own body, let alone the workings of my life and how they unfold within the bigger cosmic view of the universe.

Even though He has always been on my side, still I fight Him.

I think that I can do things all on my own, even though I am such a small personality, and my abilities are even smaller. But my Govinda, He is the ability within everyone. He is the complete source of all strength. There are no master plans without Him. There is no universal direction without Him.

Without Love, everything would cease to exist.

There are countless examples of devotees who have been saved by His love. He personally orchestrated the lives of the Pandavas, often creating miracles just in order to help them. Time and again He saved His dearest Vrajavasis from harm and never even once considered the task difficult. In all honesty, there is nothing difficult for Love, and there is nothing that my Love cannot do. 

And so I put forth a prayer to my Supreme Beloved. I submit a plea to my Govinda.

My Dearest,

Take control of my life. Steer it in the right direction. But above all, because I know that you absolutely will, break the rules for me, my Love. Do what You have to do so that we may end up together. Somehow, I have lost my way, and You with it. In some strange twist of fate, no matter where I am or what I do, I always feel further and further away from You, even though You are always present within my heart. Help me back to You. You have shown through countless examples that if we can just rely on You, then You will take charge of us all. You will do anything and everything possible in order to reunite us with You. This is what I want. This is my hope and my dream. Just to somehow cross this distance of my own making and bring my soul back to You.

Break the rules for me. Cheat for me. All in the name of Love.


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