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PREMA MALA is my first compilation of poems, prayers, meditations and short stories, and I'm super excited to share it with all of you. For those who have already read it, the most overwhelming feedback I've gotten is that readers lives have been touched by the content. As an author, spiritualist, heart-sharer, this is the most amazing encouragement. So I've created this space to share reviews of the book! Check back often to see what people are saying about Prema Mala and to see if your review is featured! You can always email me at acyuta.gopi@gmail.com if you'd like to leave a featured review, or you can also leave a comment on this page of your review. 


~Acyuta Gopi


Feed Your Faith!

-Yogi (Switzerland)

Carefully stringing the pieces of her heart onto a garland of love, our own Acyuta Gopi has given us the remnants of her loving offering to her dearest beloved Sri Govinda in the form of heartfelt poems, inspiring stories and mind-boggling realizations! Honestly I am struck with absolute wonder on how someone (the Little gopi) can say I love you so many times in about 200 different ways and have it sound, and feel freshly more intense with every PIECE!? She never ceases to amaze me as each delicate PIECE gave me a different profound realization, a new found inspiration and a genuine appreciation for what Srila Prabhupad has given all of us. Prema Mala touches every corner of my heart, parts I didn’t even know existed, and yes, I did cry a Ganga through my living room! All to say, our little urban gopi is just amazing. Her writing leaves a mark on your soul. If it hasn’t been said before, Acyuta Gopi is definitely a modern day Mirabai, totally obsessed with her Govinda. Let’s take advantage of her words and get infected by her contagious...prema; Prema Mala. 

In addition, it is just so convenient! You can pick and choose to read different sections of Prema Mala that speak to your soul! In moments of your life when you’re down, you can look through the sections and find the words that you absolutely need to hear! Honestly, this book is pure magic. Her words infused with love for Govinda, give you the strength to go on in life, they feed your faith and encourage you to try again. Our life journeys can be hard, this book helps -make them-make sense and teaches us how to deal with them! 

My confession: Among being one of my absolute favorite people, Acyuta gopi is one of my all time favorite writers in the whole universe, which is why, okay, I’m biased. It still doesn’t change the simple truth that Prema Mala is so worth the price! Read to transform, feed your faith, and love Govinda!

A Definite Must Read!

-Prenelle (South Africa)

A heart touching compilation of beautifully strung words that are sure to evoke
the deepest feelings of love and devotion in one’s heart. Prema Mala isn’t just a
book. Its an experience. An experience that gives us the opportunity to turn
inward and feel the presence of the Divine within our very hearts. Prema Mala
will transport you to the heavenly abode of the Divine with its great use of
metaphor and soul stirring diction. It’s a journey of the heart straight to the arms
of the Divine. A definite must-read!

Prenelle Pillay.png


A Blessing!

-Malik (Denver, USA)

These words from the heart of Acyuta Gopi always resonate with me. They bring smiles, goosebumps and tears of love. The words bring me to an awareness that God made us just the way we are and all he wants is our love. I ALWAYS become inspired to form a deeper relationship with the Beloved with these words. Prema Mala is a true blessing to the devotees of the Lord.