Prema Mala Signed Copies! US shipping ONLY

Prema Mala Signed Copies! US shipping ONLY

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"No one has to tell a rose

To spread its fragrance.

We are sparks of splendor.

Time to do what comes naturally.

Rise and shine." 

Prema Mala is a journey through the heart and the various feelings found there. A compilation of poems, prayers and meditations based on teachings in the Bhakti tradition, this is a book that, hopefully, will not only be read, but ingested, taken into the heart and breathed into the soul. There are moments of triumphant connection and moments of despair that bond the reader and writer until they become linked in a sacred ritual of sorts with Supreme Love at its center.

Writer and reader become a part of one soul tribe, each story and thought acknowledging that all of us, are in this together, attempting to navigate this great thing called life. 

With poems and stories on everything from yoga to spirituality, to despair and even struggles with race, this is not just one writer's story, but it is the story of the soul striving to make the ultimate offering of love to Love. 

*These Print copies are signed with an inscription from the author!*