Thunder. Spark. Ignite...

Thunder. Spark. Ignite...

“No one has to tell a rose

To spread its fragrance.

We are sparks of splendor

Time to do what comes naturally.

Rise and shine.”

~Prema Mala

It’s mental health month, and I wanted to touch on a theme that really settled heavily on me throughout the process of writing Prema Mala. Our Beloved Himself says that all wonderful and amazing things are seen in the entire creation are but sparks of His incredible splendor. This includes each and every single one of us.

Let that sink in for just a moment. Not only does that mean that you are a spark of the infinite splendor of our Supreme Beloved, but that means that you are wonderful. You are amazing. You are an artistic expression of divinity. Our Beloved took His brush, His pencil, His elements of creation and drew YOU. No matter what flaws you think you have. No matter what mistakes you think you’ve made, all the faults, it doesn’t matter. The Supreme Artist drew you. Just as you are.

I have gone through incredible moments of despair when I thought, “What’s the point? What am I even doing here? Who needs me?” If you’ve gone through moments like that, just as I have, if you’re going through them right now, I want you to remember our Beloved in those moments. And if you can’t remember Him, then remember me. Breathe. And stay. You are necessary. You are needed. I need you. And there are others out there who need you as well.

Does that mean that we are always happy? Absolutely not. Our Beloved made thunder, and volcanoes, and oceans, and tsunamis. Earthquakes, and hurricanes and sunrises alike. We have emotions inside us that rage and swirl and build beneath the surface. We as entities have become experts at covering up heartbreak, and that is the real tragedy. Even the Earth, beautiful and strong as she is, must find ways to release her burdens. Even with your fury you are beautiful. There will be those who cannot handle your emotions. They aren’t your tribe. Find your tribe, find your safe space, and live in those moments.

But over and above all, be you. Be wonderful. Be amazing. Be all that our Divine Artist has painted you to be. Be fierce. Be an example of real life, of real love. Be human, make mistakes and apologize for them, love fiercely, give your tender affection widely. But I beg you, if you are going through it right now, stay. Just a moment longer. And know that you are never ever alone. You were made because you are necessary. We need you. We love you.

Rise and shine.


Acyuta Gopi~

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