New Beginnings With Something Old

New Beginnings With Something Old

The first post! The worst is now over. In an attempt to bring my writing and musings more out into the open I decided to commit myself to the opening of a new blog/site and trying to stick with it this time. A marriage to my creativity, so to speak. In honor of that I like the idea that a bride-to-be should have a few key things, something old, something new, etc. So this first post is something old. One of my favorite blog posts written a few years ago, but nonetheless still ringing with truth and hitting straight to the heart as I read back on it today. Enjoy! I'm so looking forward to this exciting new/old venture, this renewed sense of commitment to myself and my creativity and the awaiting abundance :) This post was called: FIXED



By the darkened waters of the Yamuna, in the forest of Madhuvan, millenniums ago, a small boy was steeped in deep yoga to attract the attention of the Supreme Lord. That five year old boy, Prince Dhruva was spurred on by the jealous words of his stepmother. His stepmother had concluded that the boy had no right to his father’s lap, not only his father’s lap, but his father’s entire throne. His only disqualification was that he was not born from her, the favorite queen. With reddened eyes, tear streaked cheeks and a broken heart, Prince Dhruva ran to his own mother to see if this was true. She confirmed that the unfortunate truth was that Dhruva would continue to be treated unfairly because he was her son. In desperation she told her son the harsh ways of the world and gave him one piece of sage advice. 

She told him that the Supreme Lord Krishna was able to mitigate any and all kinds of suffering. His only hope was to pray to him. Dhruva resolved that he would immediately pray to Lord Krishna. The Lord would be able to give him a kingdom bigger than his father’s, bigger than even his grandfather’s!

With the unflinching faith of a child in his mother’s words, Dhruva left home immediately for the forest. With the guidance of the great sage Narada, he began his yogic austerities to attract the heart of the Supreme Lord. The key to his austerities was the mantra given to him by the sage. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. 

Young Dhruva began to meditate and chant his special mantra. For five months, Dhruva meditated steadfastly. By the fifth month he was standing on one leg, His body strong, straight as a golden column and completely motionless. By the force of his yogic austerities the weight of his big toe pushed down into the Earth and the Earth itself began to tremble and shake. 

As the universe began to experience the chaos of the result of his yogic activities, the presiding deities of the universe finally took shelter of their Supreme Chief. Heading to Lord Krishna, they appealed to him, lovingly to give an audience to the young boy. With a compassionate smile and his bright effulgence, Sri Krishna asked the demigods not to worry and to return to their respective homes. He at once left his own Supreme abode to meet with Dhruva. 

Dhruva meditated on the form of the Lord within his heart with full determination, but suddenly that form of the lord disappeared. In shock Dhurva’s eyes opened wide, looking for his dearest friend. He saw that the form of the Lord was now standing before him. His bright effulgence was made even more beautiful by the golden silk that adorned his hips and complimented his dark complexion like lightening through thunderclouds. Dumbstruck Dhruva fell before the Lord, offering himself again and again. 

Hearing the prayers of young Dhruva, Sri Krishna being greatly pleased with his fixed nature, awarded him the kingdom of the pole star which was a greater kingdom than that of his father or his grandfather. 

Dhruva refused to accept the position that his stepmother had given him. He refused to accept that he was made for less. Made to be ordinary. He immediately found a way to change his position and went to pray to the Supreme Lord for an end to his suffering. His unflinching faith and steadfast devotion were able to draw the attention of that Supreme Person who has the attention of the entire universe. 

How often do we let the expectations of others dictate the way the story of our lives will be written? I refuse to accept mediocrity in my life. Not when an adventure is waiting to be had on the spiritual path. Aspire higher. 

I embrace devotion as my pole star as I foster the unflinching faith of a child in my relationship with my Supreme Friend. 

"It’s dangerous to become normal in kali-yuga. Kali-yuga is a culture of forgetfulness. Become extraordinary – kirtan is for extraordinary people."

—Sacinandana Swami



Fighting God

Fighting God