His grief was terrible. His gaunt and distraught face, heart wrenching, his soul deafening cries shaking the directions. Until finally, he shut down. Taking shelter of a meditation on heartbreak, he went inward. He had been famous for his renunciation before. But now he would renounce his own heart. Without her, it all meant nothing. So she did the one thing no one else could do. She saved the universe by coming back for him. 

Proud, graceful Sati was as devoted to Lord Mahadev as he was to her. They were a match the likes of which had never been seen before. He delighted in her countenance, her gentle speech, and her care. His life of hardened asceticism finally had a touch of home. The fateful day she wished to visit her father, despite Mahadev's advice, he knew nothing auspicious would come from that moment. But hearing about her death, later from his bereaved followers drove him to the very brink of insanity. 

His anger shook universes, but his grief was much worse. Denouncing everything and everyone, he sought refuge deep within crematoriums, desiring not to be bothered. He would withdraw himself from all universal affairs, consequences be damned. But how would the universe have balance without the god of gods? The elusive Lord Shiva could not be reached. 

The gods conferred and prayed. They wished and hoped. They sent out their desires and prayers for someone to do something. Someone had to restore the balance that had been lost. But who? Lord Shiva would accept none but his eternal consort. 

Kindhearted Shakti Devī did the one thing no one else could do. She was born as the daughter of the king of the mountains Himavan. Parvat Raj named his daughter of golden limbs and great beauty Parvati. She became known as Himavati as the daughter of Himavan, and she was known as the daughter of the mountains. Shailaputri. 

For the first time in thousands of celestial years, the gods saw a glimmer of hope. Perhaps this girl would be the answer to all of their prayers. Perhaps she could be the key to unlock the mysterious Mahadev. But where was he? And how would the two find each other? 

Oh great goddess, all glories to you. You are meant to be showered with prayers and adoration. With the moon in your hair, you embody the softness and the strength that permeates all of nature. Riding on Nandi, and holding in your two hands a trident and a lotus, you encourage us to look inward and seek the Lord of our heart.

You push us to move back to the basics, as the goddess who guards the root chakra. You remind us of the importance of our foundations and you teach us the importance of searching for our highest truth. 

Oh gentle goddess, you came to ease the pain and suffering of Lord Mahadev when no one else could. Oh expansion of the supreme goddess of fortune, please bless us with determination, grace, and love on our own quests as we seek to find our complete selves. 

Oh wonderful Devī who is Govinda's own shadow, who can say what immense love you have for Him. Please bless me with your favor. If you are pleased with me, then He will be also.  

Jai Matadi!